Mark Cuban Predicts Raiders Move To Vegas Will Backfire



Mark Cuban is never afraid to speak his mind. That’s been especially true of the NFL, which Cuban has criticized quite frequently in the past. He’s back at again, this time taking on the Raider’s decision to leave Oakland and move to Vegas.


“Why? There’s just no good reason. It’s no disrespect to Las Vegas, it’s a great city and it’s vibrant. But they’re going to a smaller market, it’s transient, and it’s just another example of chasing every last dollar, and that tends to backfire,” Cuban said.

And this isn’t just a “NBA v. NFL” take, either. Cuban was similarly against the Sonics moving to Oklahoma City. He was one of only two owners in the league to vote against the move. He explained his reasoning, which sounds an awful lot like his take on the Raiders’ move, back in 2009…


“I would vote the same way…

“It had nothing to do with Oklahoma City, Tulsa or the area here,” Cuban said. “It’s a great area. It wasn’t a reflection of what I thought of the area here. It’s just size.

“In a business where 100,000 viewers can make a difference between your television partners having great ratings or not having great ratings, losing a team in a larger market to me is a challenge. That’s really what it came down to.”

The league and the Raiders are obviously taking a huge risk by moving from the Bay Area, the sixth-largest media market in the country, to Las Vegas, which has never even had a chance to prove it can support a pro sports team. The team will obviously get a boost in ticket sales and merchandise initially, but how long will that last? It’s impossible to say.

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