MUST WATCH: Gregg Popovich Just Gave Another CLASSIC Interview. See Who He Rips Into This Time!



Gregg Popovich is arguably the greatest coach of this generation. However, he and his San Antonio Spurs recently got bounced in the second round of the playoffs by the OKC Thunder. Everyone around the NBA knows the Popovich is no fan of the media, either. So, when ESPN’s Doris Burke interviews him after the game, he had some not-to-nice comments about his own team.

Popovich tells Burke that “as soon as we substituted, it went to crap.” He’s basically calling out his own team in this video. Naturally, he winds up taking the blame for the loss later on, but not before ripping his own team and saying they were the reason why it all fell apart. Popovich has never been afraid to speak his mind, and this is proof.

It will be interesting to see if “Pop” comes back next season. He did sign an extension with the Spurs to coach beyond next year, but it will be hard to come back if Tim Duncan retires. Pop has never coached a team without the great Duncan holding down the anchor. Chances are, though, Pop will be back. Hopefully he continues to provide us with sharp, snappy responses in the media for years to come.

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