Nate Robinson To Become The First Player To Switch From NBA To NFL [Video]



If you’ve ever seen retired NBA veteran Nate Robinson on the court, you know the man can ball. He is a freak athlete of the highest degree. A few years back, he was the NBA Slam Dunk Champion three years in a row. All this, while being only five-foot-nine inches in height. But if you ask Robinson, it’s not about height, it’s about heart.

Now, at 31 years of age, Robinson is attempting a transition that has never been made before. He wants to be the first athlete ever to play in both the NBA and the NFL. Wow! Not only would it take his extreme athletic ability, a determined mindset and a new brand of focus, but it would take unbelievable willpower for him to even come close. As we know, the NBA and the NFL are completely different animals.

In the video, we see ballers like Jamal Crawford and Glen “Big Baby” Davis talking about how if anyone can do it, Nate can. Back at Washington State, Nate played football as a defensive back and actually wasn’t half bad. He may be too short for that position in the NFL, but his size and quickness may make him a perfect candidate to become a modern NFL running back. Only time will tell. We sure would love to see Nate ball out on a football field sometime soon, though!

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