NBA Legend Gary Payton Calls Out Steph Curry After He Was Elected Unanimous MVP



Gary Payton is not thrilled that Steph Curry is the first ever unanimous MVP of the NBA. He doesn’t think Curry should not have been unanimous, but he feels it’s ridiculous that no one has ever been unanimous before. In a Sports Illustrated interview, Payton sounded off about the differences between the league today and back then:

“It’s about era… I think all of those guys were unanimous decisions too. It just happened in an era that went his way…I commend him and what he’s accomplished, but you gotta think about who was voting for MJ, Kareem, in their time, why they wouldn’t have given all their votes to those guys.”

Payton has been very vocal lately. Last week, in a SiriusXM interview, he stated that he wishes Warriors forward Draymond Green didn’t “cry all the time” when he doesn’t agree with officials. It seems the former guard, as well as other old school guys like to speak out against the current NBA because they feel it was tougher and more competitive in their time, but that’s besides the point.

It is odd that the likes of Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar never won the MVP unanimously. Perhaps there is a problem with the voting system that needs to be addressed.

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