One Chicago Bulls Player Believes Kobe Bryant is closer to Michael Jordan Than Most Think



Throughout his 20-year NBA career, former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was viewed as the closest thing to Hall of Famer Michael Jordan that the league has seen. Bryant has openly stated that Jordan was one of the biggest influences on his career that was shown directly through his special ability on the court. Scottie Pippen, who won six NBA titles alongside Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, believes those comparisons lie even deeper.

Pippen also went on to state via Twitter that he believes that Bryant ranks second behind Jordan as the best players to play in the league over the last couple of decades. In many ways, Bryant displayed that same killer instinct and work ethic to boot that made Jordan such a dominant player during his career. It these qualities that earn them the ultimate level of respect and admiration from their peers and fans alike.

It was also a double-edged sword for each of them as it often put them at odds with their teammates. However, the high level of success that each had cannot simply be ignored. The bottom line here is that they are arguably two of the greatest players to play the game.

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