One NBA Owner Will Bank It In Big Time If The Sharks and Warriors Both Win Titles



The Dallas Mavericks saw their season come to an end much sooner than they hoped bowing out of the first-round of the playoffs against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It marked the fourth straight first-round playoff exit for Dallas. However, team owner Mark Cuban is set to potentially receive a huge financial profit from the outcome of both the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final.

“If both the Warriors and Sharks win championships this month, Cuban stands to profit because he holds the trademark for the “City of Champions” T-shirts that are routinely sold in cities that can claim two or more reigning champions in North America’s four major team sports.

“If the Mavs don’t win, at least there is always a chance for a win in there somewhere for me,” Cuban told Wednesday.

The Golden State Warriors are currently in command of the NBA Finals winning the first two games of the series in convincing fashion. Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks have a much steeper hill to climb down 2-1 against the Pittsburgh Penguins. If anything, the Warriors are the likeliest of the two teams to win a championship.

Although he’s has been quite controversial at times, there’s no questioning the business smarts that Cuban has. He made a name for himself in the business industry building his net worth up to a $3.2 billion. This move is just another prime example of what has made him extremely successful that includes being the Co-owner of 2929 Entertainment, Chairman of AXS TV, and owner of Landmark Theaters.

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