One NBA Player Believes Dwight Howard Can Make This Team A Title Contender



Once Kevin Durant makes his decision in free agency, the next biggest star in the market will be Houston Rockets big man Dwight Howard. The 30-year-old is expected to decline the final year of his contract, making him an unrestricted free agent. His teammate Jason Terry appears to have much belief that Howard could be a game-changing talent for one of his former teams, according to Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

“If he comes to Dallas they’ll be talking about Dallas in the likes of winning a championship.’’

There’s much expectation that Howard won’t return to the Rockets given that the team has hired Mike D’Antoni as the next head coach. The two didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye during his one year with the Los Angeles Lakers. This could very well open up the door for the Dallas Mavericks, which is something that forward Chandler Parsons discussed at his exit interview a few weeks ago.

However, there could be some potential roadblocks in that scenario. It’s well known that Howard is looking to his last max contract, and that’s something that Mavericks are reportedly unwilling to pay. What also doesn’t help Howard is that he has shown signs over the last two seasons that his best days are behind him. So unless the three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year is willing to drop down his asking price, this could be nothing more than talk.

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