Patrick Beverly Makes A Bold Claim About Stephen Curry… Whoa!



Rockets guard Patrick Beverly recently got into a scuffle with MVP Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. The result was largely harmless despite each player receiving a a technical foul. Later in the game, Curry hurt his ankle. When Beverly was asked if he thinks Curry would return for Game 2, his response was clear.

Obviously, there is no love lost amongst these two guys. However, Beverly respects the competitive nature of Curry. In his mind, he knew he’d be back for Game 2. The entire Warriors-Rockets series was as competitive as it gets. Both teams were scrapping and clawing for wins in each game. That’s the way it is in the NBA Playoffs.

Battles on the court often extend to off the court issues, but hopefully for Beverly and Curry, this one stays between the lines. We’d hate to see two ballers of this caliber get into any trouble. Chances are, Golden State will not just advance past the Rockets, but all the way to the NBA Finals. If I were Beverly, I’d be frustrated too!

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