Paul Pierce Comes Forward With Huge Announcement… The Wait Is Over.



Veteran forward Paul Pierce is getting up there in age. That’s no secret to anyone. After signing a three-year, $10 million contract with the L.A. Clippers at the start of the 2015-16 season, he was at least expected to finish strong.

At 38 years old, it’s no surprise that his production has gone down a bit. Despite having a successful season with the Washington Wizards last year, including catapulting them into the playoffs, Pierce was largely ineffective this season for his old coach Doc Rivers.
Perhaps that’s part of the reason Pierce just announced, he’s 50-50 on returning next season.

That’s right, the veteran scorer gives himself a 50% chance on returning next year. To be quite honest, we’re surprised the possibility is as high as 50% Granted, he has two years left on his contract, but it’s hard to play in this league at 38 years of age. Regardless, whatever Pierce decides to do, he can be satisfied and content that he has left a significant mark on the games that he loves.

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