Rajon Rondo and Isiah Thomas Just Had An Offseason One on One Matchup… But It’s Not What You’d Expect..



Two guys that are not known for making friends very well are Sacramento Kings guard Rajon Rondo and former Detroit Pistons star Isiah Thomas. Recently, however, the two of them got together for a little competitive battle… of Connect Four. The video surfaced a few days ago and now is beginning to go viral because of the hilarious nature of the game and Thomas’ reactions to losing over and over.

One thing we do know about these two, is that they are both crazy competitive guys that hate to lose. In this matchup though, Rondo clearly has the advantage after he beats Thomas several times in a row. Thomas even begins to get frustrated after realizing he has no chance. We’re not sure why these two got together or why Connect Four was their game of choice, but it certainly is entertaining to see them go at it.

Thomas’ son Isaiah is currently the point guard of the Boston Celtics, just like Rondo once was. Perhaps that’s how the two got to meet, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that they both played for Sacramento.

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