REPORT: NBA Commissioner Just Leaked A Horrible Truth That May Change The Direction Of The League



The NBA is thought to be one of the most successful businesses in the world. They generate billions of dollars in revenue each year and are one of the three biggest sports in America. However, the NBA’s commissioner, Adam Silver, believes that money is actually a major issue. Last summer, he said the following in an interview with the media:

“I don’t know the precise number and don’t want to get into it, but a significant number of teams are continuing to lose money and they continue to lose money because their expenses exceed their revenue,” Silver said.

“Teams are spending enormous amounts of money on payroll. Some of the contracts we talked about. They still have enormous expenses in terms of arena costs. Teams are building new practice facilities. The cost of their infrastructure in terms of their sales people, marketing people, the infrastructure of the teams have gone up, and in some cases their local television is much smaller than in other markets”

So, the NBA is losing money and Silver is worried. Unfortunately, this situation may cause another lockout by the time the next CBA agreement comes around. This is not good news for the franchises, the players, or the fans. The NBA is a business and will likely do everything in its power to ensure teams don’t continue to bleed money, but there is no clear solution in sight.

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