REPORT: You Will Not Believe What Pat Riley Used To Fine His Own Players For Doing



Pat Riley is known as “The Godfather” in Miami. That isn’t just because he’s been known to pull the strings and gather incredible talent to his teams, but because he commands respect everywhere he goes. He is an NBA legend with the rings to back it up. Recently, it was reported that the boss that is Riley used to do something interesting when his own players would help opposing players up off the court:

“Years later, as coach of the Heat, Riley kept the spirit of the ’80s alive by reportedly instituting a $1,500 fine for any player who helped an opponent up off the floor. ‘For a lot of people, it’s hard to comprehend how you could be friendly and outgoing and still be a fierce competitor,’ says Cavaliers forward James Jones, who played with Wade and James in Miami. ‘They think it has to be one way.'”

It’s an interesting move by Riley but not one that’s totally unexpected. Riley believes that his players must maintain a competitive edge at all times, and that means not being too nice to opposing players.

While some may believe this is not a respectable way to conduct yourself, others understand that there is a reason behind everything Riley does and what Riley does, is clearly working.

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