Ric Flair Believes This Wrestler Shouldn’t Be Booed Anymore



Ric Flair knows a thing or two about the wrestling business that includes being a 16-time world champion. During this time, he was on both sides of the spectrum from being a crowd favorite to hearing a rain of boos when he made his entrance to the ring. With that in mind, Flair in a recent interview on Talk is Jericho said this about the current WWE World Heavyweight champion

“Look at the match him and AJ had. Holy cow! What a match. Start, restart, start, restart. And you know, AJ flies around. [Jericho] should know. He works Chris’ style of work, but Roman hung right there with him for 30 minutes. Roman’s got legs. It makes him a better performer. You can’t [boo him] anymore.”

There are many reasons that fans have a bone to pick with Roman Reigns. Some will point to his poor microphone skills and often bland personality. There are others that don’t like that fact that he has a limited move set that has made his matches somewhat predictable.

Reigns had a meteoric rise in the WWE that quickly made him the poster boy for the company. It appears that it may have been one that he wasn’t exactly ready to handle. The spotlight isn’t exactly for everyone, and if he continues to display these same qualities the boos toward him won’t ease up anytime soon.

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