Rumors Have Spread of WWE Adding Samoa Joe or Shinsuke Nakamura To The Club. But How Will It Be Decided?



The Club has been on the path to become the most dominant in WWE today since targeting John Cena and aligning with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. But the lineup may just be getting started. There have always been rumors about Finn Balor’s involvement with The Club, but there have recently been some new names being thrown around. claims that there have been no confirmed plans to expand the group, but there has been talk outside of plans to expand. A rumor was spread that the loser of the Samoe Joe vs. Finn Balor could be headed to the main roster. If it turns out to be true, the loser could be joining The Club after “Money in the Bank.”

Because the idea of Samoa Joe being added to the group has been discussed, WWE officials are also discussing the possibility of Shinsuke Nakamura being added to the group since they both came to the WWE at the same time. Their shared affiliations to New Japan Pro Wrestling furthers this point and these new additions seem very possible.

Do you think they’ll be added to The Club?

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