Rusev Reveals Why He Didn’t Appear On Smackdown Live



In the last few months, Rusev has been notable absent from the WWE as he recovers from his shoulder surgery. However, he had stated last week that he was going to make an appearance on Smackdown Live on Tuesday but didn’t show up. It didn’t long for Rusev to provide an explanation over social media.

It was likely that he was told that the plans changed for his return to the program. He has taken an angle of demanding a title shot or that he would go home to Bulgaria. Rusev will more than likely push that on through the next pay-per-view event.

Until then, he should be making an appearance in the coming weeks. This will give him more than enough time to further establish his storyline. All in all, it’s clear that the Bulgarian Brute is nearing his return to the WWE.

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