Ryback Gives His Honest Take Concerning Jinder Mahal



In the last several weeks, the WWE has made the decision to push Jinder Mahal as one of the top wrestlers on Smackdown Live. He is now in the position to wrestle for the WWE title at Backlash on Sunday. In light of that, Ryback has weighed in on the entire situation.

“Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with giving a new guy an opportunity. That’s how you discover if you’ve got guys that can hang or not. The thing with him is it’s going to determine, and, obviously, if he’s given any amount of time on the pay-per-view, that’s his time to show what he can do. And, again, I just think it’s… there’s always a reason. They do what they want. It’s their company and they can get any amount of mileage out of him they want, no matter what the match quality is because if they just want a heel to keep in that position, they’ll find a way to make money with it for a while until they want to dump it, but, like, if he goes out there and performs at a high level, they might keep him there longer. Do you know what I mean? Like, so we’ll see.”‘

It’s quite an interesting situation for Mahal given there had been no previous indication that he was going to get pushed hard. Much of this is centered around the belief it is done so that to attract more of the market in India. Prior to this, Mahal was viewed more as a mid-card talent and essentially a jobber.

However, it is an opportunity for Mahal to showcase if he is ready for the main event card. It could help lead to many more big things ahead of him. All in all, Mahal has a prime chance to make his mark on the company.

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