Shane McMahon Finally Reveals How The Undertaker Got His Gimmick



For the last two decades, The Undertaker put together a hall of fame career behind his gimmick that has continued to enamor fans. It has made him a legend in the process and gained a tremendous amount of respect from fans and colleagues alike. During a recent interview on Steve Austin’s podcast, Shane McMahon revealed how The Undertaker got his character (h/t 411 Mania)

“It actually came through interviewing Percy because Vince [McMahon] and Pat [Patterson] specifically were talking like, ‘well, give us something. We’re thinking about different characters. Like what have you done in the past?’ And Percy said he had done a couple of other things and he had done this and he mentioned he was a mortician and all of a sudden my dad just locked in on that. He said, ‘you were a mortician? That’s it! He’s The Undertaker. You are Paul Bearer.’ And it was born. That was it.”

It appears to be quite a quick process for Vince McMahon to choose a gimmick for Mark Calloway. He has since taken it and run with it over the last two decades. It’s a testament to his ability to adjust with the ever-changing business while still putting on high-quality matches in the ring.

This gimmick could have easily been short-lived and doomed his career. Instead, he made it believable and a star attraction in the WWE. All in all, it speaks to the ability of The Undertaker to win over the WWE Universe.


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