Shaquille O’Neal Just Absolutely Blasted Charles Barkley When Defending LeBron James



In the last several days, much has made about LeBron James’ public comments voicing his desire for the Cleveland Cavaliers to add a playmaker to the roster. He has caught heavy criticism because the Cavaliers are fielding essentially the same team as last season that won the title. In light of that, former teammate and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal blasted Charles Barkley for his latest verbal bashing of James.

Although O’Neal went a bit far by calling out the fact that Barkley never won a title, it’s exactly just that. He knows what it takes to not only win a title but repeat as champions. If James feels that he needs another playmaker then O’Neal strongly believes him that’s the missing piece to the puzzle for them to get past the revamped Golden State Warriors who now have Kevin Durant in the mix.

The Warriors are clearly the Cavaliers greatest challengers to dethrone them this season. Golden State is also beginning to hit stride with Stephen Curry coming off a highly productive month of January. All in all, the Cavaliers have just a few weeks to get a deal done to get James what he believes his team needs to repeat as champions.

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