SHOTS FIRED: Shaquille O’Neal Just Called Out His Former Teammate HARD



Shaquille O’Neal is known to have no fear. When a man is the size he is, what could possibly scare him? Well, recently Shaq decided to boldly call out one of his former teammates on Twitter. What he had to say, though, may not be what you expect. You may not have known, but Shaq is an avid supporter and fan of eSports. His game of choice: Counterstrike. He actually owns the NRG eSports team and he recently beat out Rick Fox’s Echo Fox squad team in the championship round of the eSports league.

After the victory, Shaq quickly took to Twitter and rubbed the loss in Rick Fox’s face. Shaq and one of his best gamers posted a video on twitter of the two telling Fox that he and his team “suck!” Ouch! He really takes his sweet time putting down Fox and his squad, too.

It’s no secret that Shaq has never been too shy to speak his mind, so it comes as no surprise that he called out his former Lakers teammate this way. It is pretty cool to see O’Neal spread his business wings and take stake in the up and coming eSports league. We wonder how Shaq would fare if the controller was in his hands and not a professional gamer’s.

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