Stan Van Gundy Fires Back At Charles Barkley’s Criticism



Charles Barkley has found himself in the headlines in the last several days because of his harsh criticism toward LeBron James. On top of that, he decided to throw similar verbal bashing toward the Detroit Pistons on Monday night stating that they have “a lot of players who think they’re better than they are.” In light of that, Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy has responded to the criticism.

“That would probably qualify most every team in the NBA,” Van Gundy told Aaron McMann of MLive on Wednesday prior to hosting the New Orleans Pelicans.

“You have to believe in this league. I’ve seen guys not make it because they don’t believe in themselves enough. Like, you’re going out there and play against the best players in the world every night. You better have a believe in yourself and what you’re doing. I think our guys have that, and I would want that.”

In many ways, Van Gundy’s point of view has much credence given that confidence is often times key to player and team success. If there isn’t much self-belief in place it is hard for a player to develop and grow. It’s something many of the past greats have discussed and preached about at extensive lengths.

At the same time, Barkley’s primary gripe is that this overconfidence has affected their team performance on the court. Detroit is currently sitting at a 22-27 reocord just 1.5 games out of the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. If the Pistons fall short of making the playoffs, major change could be on the horizon.

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