Steve Kerr Appears To Compliment Opposing Coach, But Listen Closely. Is He Totally Mocking Him?!



Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors are on their way to the Western Conference Finals. They will face the Oklahoma City Thunder in a matchup for the ages starting this weekend. To get to the WCF, the Warriors had to make it through the Portland Trailblazers, though. After they beat the Blazers, cameras caught an exchange between the Warriors head coach and the Portland head coach, Terry Stotts.

If you look and listen closely, you can hear Kerr say “I really love your team.” Now, this may just be a genuine compliment from Kerr, but some see it a bit differently. There’s a chance Kerr may have been mocking Stotts by making such a comment only seconds after his team bounced Stotts’ team from the playoffs. It seems like awkward timing to make such a comment. In a way, it almost seems like Kerr is boasting.

Chances are, Kerr was being sincere. He may really like the way Portland is built. He probably appreciates the way Stotts coaches his team, too. It just seems like there could be more to Kerr’s comments than what we see and hear on the surface. Regardless, Portland does have a good team. They may be contending for years to come. Hopefully we get to see these two teams face off again in next year’s playoffs as it certainly makes for an entertaining matchup.

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