Steve Kerr Has Some Choice Words For NBA officials. What He Has To Say May Surprise You



After a blatant missed call by the referees in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals in which Thunder guard Russell Westbrook clearly got away with a travel, Steve Kerr went ballistic on the sidelines. Now that he has had the chance to calm down, he has some thoughts on the NBA officials and their clear mistake. His words may surprise you:

“They have an impossible job […] They’re never going to be perfect. They’re doing the best they can.”

Instead of publicly bashing the refs, Kerr maintained his cool and shared some empathy with them. It’s a bit unexpected considering how crucial the missed call was in leading to the Thunder’s win for the Warriors. Kerr is a class act, though. He wouldn’t bad mouth a guy that made a mistake, no matter how egregious the error was.

Kerr knows it’s more important that he move on and get ready for Game 2 on Wednesday night. Right now, that is his focus. It is, however, possible that Kerr is attempting to butter up the refs in order to receive more calls his way in the next game, but that is mere speculation. Hopefully the officials do a better job overall in Game 2, as the officiating throughout the entire NBA playoffs has come under intense scrutiny.

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