Steve Kerr Unleashes Angry On His Clipboard During Game 1



It has been an intense last two weeks for the Golden State Warriors that came to a visual tipping point for head coach Steve Kerr in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. Following a rough few minutes of the second half, the 2015-16 NBA Coach of the Year decided to take out his frustration on his clipboard during a timeout. Let’s just say he’s going to need another one.

This unexpected moment seemed to spark the Warriors as they pushed their lead back to double digits in the fourth quarter. In fact, Golden State had a comfortable advantage early in the final period that was expanded over 20 points. Their offensive fire punch came from the bench outscoring the Cavaliers reserves 45-10 in the first game of NBA Finals rematch.

This isn’t the first time that Kerr has snapped his clipboard in his young coaching career but since it was done on a national stage it has drawn plenty of traction via social media. This side of the normally mild-mannered 50-year-old has rarely been seen publicly, especially this season with the Warriors experiencing an exorbitant amount of success. Kerr has been one of the most progressive coaches in the league that has allowed has given his players plenty of freedom, and this was just an example of him tugging on that extended rope.

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