Steven Adams Finally Reveals What He Thinks About Draymond Green



The Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder wrapped up an epic Western Conference Finals that still has people buzzing. The series also featured a notable on-court battle between Thunder big man Steven Adams and Warriors forward Draymond Green that resulted in a few very physical plays. Following the conclusion of the series, Adams was straight forward when voicing his thoughts about Green, according to Erik Horne of

“That was a battle, bro,” Adams said. “That’s why I felt I needed to go up after the game, to just give him credit, man.”

“There was no apology from either of us. Just a congratulations.”

This is somewhat surprising given the heavy amount of what could be deemed as dirty play by Green. Adams was kicked in the groin twice and could have suffered a serious shoulder injury when the Warriors’ All-Star took him down to the ground in Game 7. Each of these plays could have easily resulted in a suspension in their own right.

In spite of that, Adams chose to take the professional route by leaving it all on the court. This does intensify the budding rivalry between the teams for the next time they play each other. If Kevin Durant does stay in Oklahoma City, these two teams could become the gateway to West for the NBA Finals for the foreseeable future.

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