The Miz Takes A Big Shot At John Cena



In the last several months, The Miz has seen himself rise up the ranks as one of the top heels in the business. Much of this has been centered around his work on the microphone. During a recent media event in France for the WWE, The Miz went on the prowl again against John Cena.

“One good thing about Nikki Bella and one good thing about John Cena? They’re both gone from the WWE right now. There’s your good thing for both of them. Oh, you’re a big John Cena fan? Are you gonna cry because he’s not gonna be at the show today? What are you five?”

 Clearly, The Miz was working in character and provided more bulletin board material. He has put together some of best work in his promos aimed at Cena and that continued with this response. It has become arguably one of his best qualities.
As for Cena, he is expected to make his return to the company in just over a month. He is currently busy making in film production and other outside the WWE ventures. His return should provide a big boost to the WWE.

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