The NBA Just Released A Huge Announcement After MAJOR Missed Call in Game 1.



In the final moments of Monday night’s matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors, Russell Westbrook committed an egregious travel that went uncalled. The travel, although blatant enough, was missed entirely by the NBA officials. The Thunder went on to win the game, much to the disappointment of the Warriors. After the game, the league’s senior vice president of replay and referee operations Joe Borgia admitted that the refs missed the call and had this to say about it:

“You’ve got a tough play here, you’ve got a pretty quick transition play. The officials are thinking, possibly, you know, that Thompson might want to take a foul, so they’re focusing a lot on Thompson and then all of a sudden, Westbrook just pulls up … No one could get in a good position to see him drag that pivot foot. It’s an unfortunate miss, but so much going on in the play and the speed of it. Officiating is about getting angles and sometimes you just can’t get them, and they did not get a great angle on that play.”

It’s tough to say whether or not the Warriors would’ve won if the call was made, but it certainly would have put them in a better position. It seems that there have been a myriad of missed calls throughout these NBA playoffs and, as of now, there is no solution in sight.

The NBA may need to figure out a better system so that they can make the necessary calls when they have to. Granted, it’s tough to get everything right in when the game moves so quickly, but that is what they’re paid to do. Many teams have suffered from blatant missed calls or calls that were made that should not have been throughout this year’s playoffs. The Warriors are now down zero-games-to-one and must figure out a way to stop the Thunder in Game 2. Hopefully, for their sake, the referees will not interfere with their chances in any way.

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