The Time That Andre Iguodala Once Made Kobe Bryant Eat His Own Words



It has been just over a month since Kobe Bryant’s illustrious 20-year NBA career came to a close, but the stories about him continue to pour out. Throughout the years, there have various anecdotes that have brought more depth to the type of player that Bryant was. Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala added to this ever-growing list when he recently told Marcus Thompson II of the Mercury News about the time he shut down the 18-time All-Star.

It wasn’t his favorite, though. That came way back on Nov. 11, 2005.

“Kobe in his prime,” Iguodala said while hiding from the throng of reporters, preferring his teammates get the attention after Game 6.

Iguodala, then in his second season with Philadelphia, drew the assignment of checking Kobe Bryant. Young and spry, at the peak of his athleticism, Iguodala was all over the Lakers star in the 76ers’ win.

Kobe finished with 17 points on 7-for-27 shooting, a big deal since he is from Philly.

“It was on the front page of the paper,” Iguodala said. “After the game, Phil Jackson said it was the best he’d seen someone defend Kobe.”

Although Bryant fell well short of his lofty goal, the fact that he made that grand guarantee is another prime example of the killer instinct that he had on the court. The five-time NBA champion was never fearful of the moment and had the ultimate confidence in his abilities. He’s a future first-ballot Hall of Famer that’s regarded by many as one of the best players of all time.

Bryant currently has the third-most career points in NBA history while also holding various Los Angeles Lakers and NBA records. He topped it all off in his final game by becoming the oldest player in league history to score 60 points in a single game. All of this makes this brief achievement for Iguodala even more special to him.

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