Trailer For WWE 2K17 Provides A Blast From The Past



The WWE in anticipation for the release of WWE 2K17 sent out a series of cryptic tweets last week with “#hatch” to get fans buzzing. This gave away no true indication of what exactly it could be. It was finally revealed on Monday in the trailer for the game that had an unexpected familiar face featured heavily in the video.

There were plenty of hints along the way that indicated that Goldberg was the answer to the mystery. The police officers were walking in synchrony to the beat of his theme song along with a soft drum beat that was used after the police officer stopped walking. Once he revealed himself, there were several cool moments that brought back memories for longtime wrestling fans.

Goldberg walked between two lines of police officers that was in obvious reference to his entrance before his match against Diamond Dallas Page at WCW’s Halloween Havoc in 1998. There was also the words “Suplex City” on the window in the backseat of the police car next to Goldberg. Although some fans were disappointed with the outcome, it was still a completely unexpected move by the WWE. It has many fans antsy about the chance to use the former fan favorite in the upcoming game that will be released in October.

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