Wait Until You Hear Which Active Player Just ROASTED Skip Bayless On Twitter. LOL!



It’s no secret that Skip Bayless is the king of running his mouth. His skewed perspective and whacky analysis is often the subject of much controversy. In fact, that is how he makes his money. In recent years, many athletes have come out and publicly trashed Bayless for his riduclous commentary. Recently, however, Thunder power forward Enes Kanter came forward with some choice words for the ESPN personality after Bayless tweeted out that he highly doubts the Thunder could win a single game in the Western Conference Finals:

How many times does Bayless have to be proven wrong before being labeled a fraud and taken off the air. As it turns out, he won’t be making any more comments on behalf of ESPN, as he’s slated to be canned by his own company after years of complaints. Technically, he is leaving for a much better deal at rival company FOX, but ESPN should be glad he will be gone.

As for the Thunder, they must continue to prove doubters wrong by staying competitive in the WCF and building off their surprise Game 1 win. Though Kanter was largely ineffective in the first outing, his team will likely still need to rely on his offensive prowess under the basket to continue their success. Games 2 begins at 9PM Eastern on Wednesday May 18th.

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