We Have Heard Bray Wyatt May Be Making A Comeback. Is This The Return Of Babyface?



It has been a long time since Wrestlemania 32, and we haven’t seen many amazing feats like it since. Shortly after that performance was the last time we saw the legendary Bray Wyatt, and we can’t wait to see him gat back in the ring. The Eater of Worlds went down with a calf injury and he hasn’t been seen since.

But apparently his return to the scene is imminent. Wyatt has apparently been medically cleared to wrestle and there’s a very large possibility that he will be back on WWE television for next week’s edition of “Monday Night Raw.” But that leaves a big question: What role will he be playing? is claiming that Bray Wyatt and the rest of his family may be returning as babyfaces. It makes sense that they would return that way, as they were amidst a face turn after Wrestlemania. If Bray Wyatt enters the “Money in the Bank” Ladder match next weekend, it’s possible that he could be taking the next steps into the WWE World Heavyweight title picture.

Do you think Wyatt will make a good face run?

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