Well Kevin Durant Won’t Be Doing This In Free Agency



The big fish in this year’s free agent market will be Oklahoma City Thunder star forward Kevin Durant. It will be the first full experience in this situation in his career. Along those same lines, there’s one scenario that’s unlikely to unfold with Durant, according to Sean Deveney of Sporting News.

“He is not the kind of guy who wants to fiddle around in free agency and sort of play the system that way. That is not his personality. He likes stability and it is kind of a gamble to be taking a short contract and then trying to come back and do it all over again in a year. That’s the other thing. He is not someone who wants to go through this twice, I really don’t think. It’s no sure thing.”

It may make more financial sense to take the one-year contract route, but it’s also reasonable to believe that Durant doesn’t want to go through the free agency process again. He has demonstrated on various occasions that he isn’t that type of player that would want to do that. Remember, Durant announced his five-year contract extension out of nowhere in July of 2010.

This is something that he wants to take care by ironing out a long-term deal so that he can go back to focusing primarily on basketball. Durant has the all-business approach when it comes to his NBA career by making his decisions with little fanfare involved. It’s more than likely that he soaks in the entire experience, but should be the only time that he does this

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