What You Are About To Read May Spell The End Of Tim Duncan’s Career



Tim Duncan has achieved so much throughout his 19 year NBA career. He’s tallied a total of five championships and for the longest time, it seemed he didn’t age. However, throughout these 2015-16 playoffs, we’ve noticed an alarming trend in the big man’s game.

It is clear that Duncan just isn’t what he used to be. Not anymore, anyway. He’s only averaging 4.5 points per game and a mere 4.9 rebounds per game in these playoffs.

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler spoke about Duncan’s current slip in numbers:

“Right now, he’s having a really difficult time, for whatever reason. I guess at some point, every athlete comes to that point where you hit the wall, where you just can’t have the impact on the game that you want on either end of the floor. He’s a guy, because of his poise, his presence and his basketball IQ, is still helpful to their team. But there are times that when he’s getting the ball he just can’t do anything with it to finish at the rim.”

At 39 years of age, it’s no surprise that Duncan is falling off. Can anyone blame him? You have to appreciate what he’s been able to accomplish over the years, but at a certain time, we all have to say goodbye. It looks like, after this season, Duncan will finally do just that, and walk away from the game of basketball.

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