You Will Not Believe The Disgusting Thing This Raptors Fan Just Did To Honor His Team…



Before last week, the Toronto Raptors had never made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Super-fan Andy Pyne knew this more than most. He is so dedicated to him team that he made a very gross pact with the world that he would do something gross if they made past the second round. He promised that he would eat a 17-year-old box of Cocoa Frosted Flakes with Raptors legend Vince Carter on the cover.

We can’t say what that cereal must’ve tasted like, or how it made him feel the next day, but we can imagine. Considering the expiration date was set somewhere in the late 90’s, we’re almost impressed that Pyne kept his promise.

“It’s kind of like a spruce mulch,” he said. There’s definitely some sugar in there.”

No word yet on whether Pyne ended up in the hospital, but we think he’s doing okay. It’s often amazing to see the lengths some fans go to support their team, but this act definitely takes the cake (or the cereal). He may have wanted to wait until seeing the result of the ECF. Right now the Cavs are up 1-0 after a dominant performance against the Raptors. We wonder what Pyne will do if his team is swept in this round. Whatever it may be, it can’t be worse than eating 17-year-old cereal.

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