You Will Not Believe What Paul Pierce Just Got His Daughter As A Present For Her Fifth Birthday



Paul Pierce is soon to enter legendary NBA status. His time with the Boston Celtics marks one of the most successful tenures for a player on a single NBA team in recent memory. Now he plays for the L.A. Clippers and his game has fallen off a bit. However, Pierce still understands that life isn’t all about basketball.

Family is what Pierce is all about these days and recently he celebrated a birthday for his daughter, who turned five this week, but what he got her as a present will definitely surprise you.

My daughter wanted a lama for her bday #daddylittlegirl

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What you see in the picture above is Pierce’s present to his daughter; a llama. That’s right. Of all the presents he could’ve gotten for his daughter, he chose to buy her a llama. Pretty random gift for a five year-old, but who knows? Maybe that’s just what she wanted. Hopefully becoming a part-time zookeeper doesn’t distract Pierce too much from his NBA duties in the future.

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