You Won’t Believe What Kevin Durant Just Said About His Own Career



Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder are up 3-1 against the largely favored Golden State Warrios in the Western Conference Finals. However, it wasn’t long ago that Durant felt his playing career may have been in serious jeopardy. After foot and ankle surgeries that kept him sidelined for dozens of game a few years back, Durant thought that he may never be the same again. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I was scared, I was worried,” Durant told Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated. “Will I be back again? Will I be who I am? A year ago people were telling me my career might be over and I listened to that stuff, not because I’m sensitive but because I used it for fuel. I’ve always done that.”

It seems as though Durant had no reason to fear, because he is currently on top of his game yet again. He has been stellar throughout these NBA playoffs, particularly in the last couple of rounds against teams that were favored. Durant has always been one of the more likable guys in the NBA. That’s why it’s a pleasure to see him doing his thing yet again against the highest of competition.

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