You Won’t Believe Who Is Stephenie McMahon’s All-Time Favorite Wrestler



The McMahon family has long been associated with the wrestling world. Vince McMahon has successfully run the WWE for the last 36 years. During this time, he has gotten his children heavily involved in the business with both Stephenie and Shane taking prominent roles. This has also allowed them to get to know many of the wrestlers who have come and gone. With this in mind, Stephenie was recently asked who was her favorite wrestler of all time.

“Well, it’s from a personal standpoint, but André the Giant.”

There are many to choose from over the years, but the choice of the WWF Hall of Famer shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Andre the Giant was a fan favorite for many years both in the ring and outside of it. He was a consummate professional that gave it his all in the ring. He was also one of the WWF’s biggest superstars that was a World Heavyweight champion and a one-time Tag Team champion.

Andre the Giant had many memorable matches in the ring against the likes of other past greats such as Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. He had an everlasting impact on the world of wrestling that goes far beyond the ring. He helped shape the WWE to what it has become today.

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