A Current Raw Champion Is Catching Heat For Latest Comments



The WWE earlier this month reintroduced the cruiserweight division back to the main roster. This saw new cruiserweight champion TJ Perkins headline the group of seven wrestlers joining Raw. According to Wrestle Zone, Perkins has already caught some backlash for some of his recent comments.

Dave Meltzer and F4Wonline.com are reporting that RAW Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins allegedly has some backstage heat at the moment. The heat stems from recent comments that TJ Perkins has made about how he used to be homeless in the past. The reason the comments have hit a nerve with some in the back is because so many independent wrestlers have been in the same position and lost their homes.

 Much of the WWE main and NXT rosters include wrestlers that made their living on the independent circuit. There are often times many hardships that they have to deal to pursue their dream. It’s not surprising to hear that many of the other wrestlers on the roster are not too fond about Perkins’ comments.
It’s not something that should be considered a huge deal but something that Perkins can learn from moving forward. He didn’t use these comments to elevate himself about his colleagues but a way to share his story. Ultimately, it will be something that gets swept under the rug within a matter of time.

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