Becky Lynch Discusses Being The Women’s Champion



Earlier this month, Becky Lynch finally climbed the WWE mountaintop by becoming the first Smackdown Live Women’s champion. It’s her first title since joining the company back in 2013. In a recent interview with ESPN, Lynch opened up about her greatest feat to date in her WWE career.

“It was the culmination of half my life’s work — just personified in a white and blue and gold championship. It’s hard to describe. But everything comes flashing back to me. You can be going through hardships sometimes, and you’re struggling, and then you’re wondering if you’re ever gonna make it. [Wondering] if things are gonna work out, and you just keep pushing forward. And then getting this symbol, this trophy, you just realize that all the struggle, all the hard times they were all worth it — and you wouldn’t give any of them back, because that’s what makes the journey even better.”

It has been a long journey to the top in the business after years of wrestling in the independent circuit. Lynch at one point had even retired from professional wrestling for three years following a serious head injury. She also spent two years in NXT before being called up the main roster in 2015.

The 29-year-old has a bright future ahead of her in the WWE as one of the top women superstars. She has already made history with the company as the inaugural Smackdown Live women’s champion. All in all, she has paid her due to earn this prestigious honor.

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