Bobby Lashley Reveals Why He May Never Return To WWE



In nearly the last decade, Bobby Lashley has made a prominent figure in the independent circuit. He’s currently the TNA World Heavyweight champion. However, with the company’s future up in the air, Lashley has quickly shot down a possible WWE return.

“It does to a certain extent. It would have to be the right deal if it was. I don’t know if there is even an opportunity. There are certain people in the business who may not want you there and that’s why I left the first time. I don’t know if there is even a possibility of going back but their schedule is challenging. A lot of their guys are dealing with that. If I were to go back full-time, it would have to be something we sit down and really piece together and make it make sense. I would hate to say yes I’m doing it and get back and then it’s, “Oh no. Boo-hoo. What about my kids?” I don’t want to have a bad attitude. So I would have to really sit down and say this is what we can do.”

Being around his family may be a huge reason why for Lashley, but he has a large amount of success since he left the WWE back 2008. He has been a part of several different independent circuits and latched on with TNA. This is where he has thrived most in his professional wrestling career.

That said, this isn’t throwing out possibly coming back to the WWE because that window will always stay ajar. Lashley is a physically gifted wrestler that has become a powerhouse in the industry. All this indicate is that at this moment returning to his former employer remains firmly out of the mix.

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