Brock Osweiler’s Issues Shocking Statement To Critics And Online Trollers



Brock Osweiler was never going to live up to the $72 million deal he signed with the Texans this offseason in a matter of three weeks, but he’s had a bit of a rough start to his first year in Houston.

The 25-year-old quarterback hasn’t looked great thus far, throwing for just three touchdowns as opposed to four interceptions through the first three games of the season. After the Texans’ offense had a pathetic showing in a 27-0 shellacking on Thursday Night Football last week, some critics jumped on Osweiler for his play and decision-making.

The Texans quarterback looked particularly bad on a second quarter pass that was intercepted by Patriots linebacker Jamie Collins. Osweiler tried to squeeze a pass into a tight window and it ended quite poorly.

But, despite the criticism, the quarterback seems just peachy. Osweiler is not even mad. In fact, it’s funny to him!

“I think that’s hilarious, to be honest with you,” Osweiler said, according to the Houston Chronicle. “The critique comes from a whole lot of people that don’t know my read on that play. They’ve probably never actually sat in an offensive meeting in their life, let alone a quarterback meeting in the National Football League.”

“That’s why I don’t look at Twitter. That’s why — no offense to anybody (media) in here — I don’t watch anything. I don’t read anything.”

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