Byron Scott Finally Addresses An Obvious Situation Involving Lakers



It was a well-known fact that former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott didn’t have the best of a relationship with guard D’Angelo Russell. The two often budded heads for much of the season. In a recent interview with TMZ, Scott shed more light on his current standing with the Lakers’ young guard.

I don’t have a relationship with D’Angelo. It is what it is.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise given how things transpired last year. Scott was extremely hard on Russell for much of the season citing his immaturity as the reason why he came down on him with such rigor at times. In some ways, it was needed for Scott to be constantly on the 20-year-old because of his childish behavior that shown through at different moments of the season.

Russell obviously took all of this hard coaching to heart as he’s likely the reason that both don’t speak. In his eyes, there may be no motive to speak to him since Scott is no longer his head coach. All in all, it’s just goes to shows that it may have been the best decision for the Lakers to move on in another direction.

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