Carmelo Anthony Weighs In On The Ridiculous J.R. Smith Contract Situation



We’re a week into NBA training camp and J.R. Smith still doesn’t have a contract. This situation has drawn out much longer than anyone expected, and people are starting to get angry. Fans are of course upset with their front office for not paying the money it takes to re-sign a player that was key to last year’s championship win. His teammates are getting angry too, as evidenced by interviews from Kyrie and LeBron calling the situation “bullsh*t.”

Now players from other teams are weighing in. Carmelo Anthony, who played with J.R. for three years while he was at the Knicks, is now publicly questioning what’s going on in Cleveland. Via The New York Post:

“I don’t know what’s going on over there with that. I hope they don’t prolong the situation. He helped them win that championship. He was a major part of that team, and I hope they can get something done. If not, we’ll see him somewhere else.”

Smith won 6th Man of the Year playing alongside Anthony, so he knows just how valuable of a player he is to the team. J.R. is reportedly looking for $15 million for 3 years, which the Cavs are refusing to come close to. But if they can’t get this situation resolved before the season starts, it may cost them a lot more than that.

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