Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Orders NBA Championship Rings For Everyone That Worked At The Q Last Season



Watching the Cleveland Cavaliers win the NBA Championship was an amazing and emotional moment for basketball fans everywhere. In a season where the Warriors set a record for regular season wins, it all game down to an epic seven game contest. Seeing LeBron, a hometown hero who became a villain when he went to the Heat, come home and win the first championship in Cleveland’s history was a special sight to see, no matter what team you root for. But for the people of Cleveland, it was a series they’ll never forget.

And to show just how important it was to the city, and to ensure that the people never forget it, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has decided to give everyone involved a ring. And we really mean everyone– Gilbert has reportedly ordered over 1,000 custom rings to be given out to every full and part time employee at Quicken Loans Arena. Hot dog vendors, ushers, ticket takers and security guards alike will be able to wear a ring to prove that they were a part of the greatest season the organization has ever had.

While the organization has declined to provide an official statement about the purchase, many employees at the stadium have told the press that they’ve been fitted for custom rings. The rings are conservatively estimated to cost $1,000 each, meaning that Gilbert is going to be spending $1,000,000 to do this. If the Cavs were making a big show of this move, or getting everyone simple cheap rings, it’d be easy to brush this off as just a publicity stunt. But spending a million dollars out of your own pocket to show your thanks to everyone from the janitors to the hot dog vendors strongly suggests that this is a genuine gesture of appreciation from the team’s owner.

The Cavs also offered rings to Anderson Varejao, who was traded to the Warriors halfway through the season, and to former head coach David Blatt, who was replaced by Tyronn Lue halfway through the year. Varejao has stated he’s not sure if he wants to accept it, and Blatt hasn’t spoken on the subject at all since he started coaching professional basketball in Turkey.

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