Dak Prescott Is Having Fun Adjusting To His Newfound Fame



The fame that comes along with being an NFL quarterback is a pretty nice perk, but it can take some getting used to. Especially when it’s your first year in the league.

Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott are both learning to deal with that now. After impressive performances in their first season in the league, Wentz and Prescott are already becoming household names among football fans. Wentz’s adjustment period may be a bit harder, since he played college ball at a small FCS school in North Dakota while Dak was one of the top quarterbacks in the super competitive and popular SEC. Either way, Prescott seems to be enjoying his newfound fame and the ability to mess with people who recognize him.

guess I’ve been noticed more lately. People in the drive-thru ask if I’m Dak. I tell them no, then tell them yes as I drive off.”

That’s the story of a guy who got famous and didn’t let it get to his head. While some young rookie phenoms let their egos run wild, to their own detriment, Prescott seems like he’s still got his feet on the ground. Cowboys fans should be excited that they’ve got an extremely talented quarterback with a very good outlook on his success.

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