Daniel Bryan Takes Another Subtle Shot At Raw



Since the brand split two months ago, Smackdown Live general manager Daniel Bryan has continued to take subtle shots at Raw. He hasn’t been shy about calling out the other show for things he thinks are not up to par. On this week’s edition of “Talkin’ Smack,” Bryan slammed Raw again over another glaring aspect of the program.

“Shane and I have a very different philosophy from Mick and Stephanie McMahon, we don’t need to make ourselves out there all the time,” Bryan said. “Tonight we didn’t really need to be out there, the action itself was awesome.”

Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon have indeed been featured on the show heavily over the last few months. It has given some wrestling fans the feeling that the authority figures on the show are more important than the superstars. This has also taken away part of the spotlight from the wrestlers with management always intervening on the program.

That said, Bryan has been heavily featured on Smackdown Live, but he did not make an appearance on this week’s show. It allows for the superstars to be front and center. Hopefully, it’s the approach that Raw can follow suit on.

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