Derrick Rose Is Already Having A Difficult Time With Knicks



With the reality finally settling in that Derrick Rose is now a member of the New York Knicks, the next step in the process for him to get comfortable playing next to his new teammates. This has begun with training camp that has started earlier this week. According to Newsday, Rose is already struggling with learning how to play within the Triangle offense.

It’s complicated a little bit right now because it’s new to us. It’s foreign. But I think the more we work on it and the way the coaches are putting it into the offense, it’s a little bit easier.

It’s like 40 to 50 options on one side of the floor. It’s like giving you your space for creativity. It’s like if you’re doing it the right way, you could do everything you want, you could freelance but you just got to know where you’re going.

The Triangle is indeed a complicated offense, but when used properly has shown to be an effective system in the NBA that leads to much success. The Knicks have a talented roster in place that could potentially excel in the scheme that emphasizes using the low post and two star players. They have a deep team that could contend in the Eastern Conference if the right chemistry develops on the court.

However, the Triangle offense could now be an outdated system with the 3-point shot and small-ball lineups being the primary reason for success in the NBA. Even with that being the case, New York may be best utilized within the Triangle because of the lack of efficient 3-point shooters on the roster. All in all, it will be very quick to tell if this is the right offense to run for the Knicks.

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