Draymond Green Laughs At His Haters And Tells Them To Shut Up



In the course of a year, the Warriors have gone from an NBA darling to the most hated team in the league. After decades of mediocrity, people loved seeing a team that developed it’s draft prospects into superstars win a championship. But once they won, they lost their underdog status and fans turned on them. A big part of that was Draymond Green, whose questionable behavior on and off the court has turned him into one of the most hated players in the league.

Draymond isn’t going to let that bother him though. He’s the type of player you love to have on your team and hate otherwise, and he’s fine with that. He thinks all the haters are laughable, and he loves getting to silence them with his skill. Here’s what he had to say on media day on his image as a “villain”:

We’re not going to go out here and say, ‘Oh, we’re embracing this villain thing, and it’s great.’ Who cares what somebody’s trying to make us out to be. We’re trying to win basketball games. If they want to make us the villain, that’s fine. They’re going to boo us anyway, everywhere we go. So that’s fine.

The most fun I have in this game is going on another team’s floor and quieting their crowd. So boo. Eventually you’ll shut up. And I’ll laugh. And we’ll laugh. And we’ll keep it moving.

Adding Kevin Durant this off season is sure to make the boos even louder, but it sounds like Green feeds off of them. If you love getting to silence your haters, more boos translates to more fuel for your performance.

There are some arenas we go to, and it’s like we’re a home team. But at the same time . . . I got booed, along with KD, along with Klay, in the United States – with USA jerseys on. I mean, Jesus Christ, give it a break.

I just don’t understand some people. Even if I hate you and whatever team you play for, if you’re going to wear a USA jersey and represent my country, for one day, I can give it up and say I’m going to cheer for this guy. They booed us, still.

If they’re boo us with a USA jersey on, I can only imagine how it’s going to be with a Warriors jersey. So, more power to those people. They’re angry about something in life, and I’m not sure what it is.

When someone is irrationally angry, dismissing their anger tends to make them even angrier. It looks like Green is going to enjoy himself this year.

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