Jim Ross Has A Firm Stance Regarding Seth Rollins



In the last month, Seth Rollins has seen his role with the company take a noticeable change. He has seen himself take a small backseat with Kevin Owens cementing himself as a heel in the company after winning the WWE Universal title. In a recent interview with TSN Canada, Jim Ross stated that he believes that Rollins in an easy path to transitioning to baby face.

“I think once [Rollins] gets engaged in an issue with an established villain, once the hero is wronged illegally, once he’s faced with seemingly challenging odds, all that babyface stuff will start filtering his way. He has always wrestled – with his athleticism and high-flying stuff – as a fan favourite, so he doesn’t have to change that. I think the subtle things – maybe his promo work will be tweaked a little bit, but he’s got to have a cause. Once his cause is established with an established villain, it will take care of itself.”

The 30-year-old over the last two years has been a heel on the program following his betrayal of the Shield. During this time he has worked closely with the authority under the tutelage of Triple H and favoritism of Stephanie McMahon. With Triple H double crossing him during the fatal-four way match for the WWE Universal title a few weeks ago, it has opened up the door to him taking on this new role.

Rollins is already a well-beloved superstar in the business because of his character and in-ring ability. He has a chance to increase his star power in the company if he can successful being a babyface with the WWE. There is certainly a bright future ahead for him once he fully transitions into this role.

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