John Cena May Have Opened The Door For A Former WWE Superstar’s Return



Throughout his professional wrestling career with the WWE, John Cena has competed against many different superstars that have come and gone. One name that picked up steam over the last couple of weeks is CM Punk. The 39-year-old in a recent interview with TMZ, Cena talked about the possibility of Punk making his return to the company.

“If I know one thing about my boss Vince McMahon, he always does what’s good for business, if it’s good for business it will work out. The name in the question doesn’t matter about that, if it’s good for business it’ll work out.”

Punk hasn’t exactly been endearing to his former employer by taking pot shots at Vince McMahon. However, McMahon has been known in the past to bring back wrestlers that have spoken badly about the company on several different occasions. This list includes former stars such as Bret Hart and Dusty Rhodes.

That said, Punk is currently invested fully into making an MMA career work. Although he lost his first UFC match, UFC president Dana White stated that he would contact Punk in the near future. If this doesn’t come to fruition, then a WWE return could be a realistic option.

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