Kevin Durant Absolutely Hates One Of His Nicknames



Throughout his successful NBA career, Kevin Durant has developed into one of the best players in the league. With that territory, comes many nicknames being placed on him. The former league MVP clearly hates one that was given to him a few years ago.

Along those same lines, he also didn’t like the Slim Reaper name that he had. This was obviously not a title that he gave himself but rather was placed on him by others. He has found solace with just the moniker “KD” that uses just his initials.

These are the least of Durant’s worries as his main focus lies with helping the Warriors win a second championship in three years. The nicknames he is given are the farthest thing from his mind because they have no impact on his performance on the court. Aside from that, Durant has never been the one show much care in outside perspective anyway.

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